Save your personal computer

Your idle computer can save the world
McGill Daily - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Well here’s your chance to help save the world. World Community Grid is a not-for-profit organization that uses idle personal computers to solve global ...
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Sharing Full-Size Photos
PC World - USA
Make it easy for friends and family to share, save, and print your digital images--no matter how big. It's digital photography's very own catch-22: You ...
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Wi-Fi base station features 802.11n, ProxySTA
Macworld - San Francisco,CA,USA
(However, since the Express has no controls, you’ll still need to control playback from your computer.) The Express is also the first AirPort Base Station ...
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Over 30 Product and News Announcements to be Made at Interop and ...
MarketWatch - USA
TileFlow enables you to advise the best cooling strategy for your data center. -- Intelligent Computer Solutions introduces Rapid Image, ...
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Here's how you can help me help you
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
But save your stories about jailed juveniles, deadbeat dads and parking ticket horror stories for your next backyard barbecue. (Juicy tips about public ...
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Protecting Company Information - Why, How and What if? - USA
Unfortunately, managing the threat to company information is increasingly difficult as I believe we are now in the golden age of computer crime. ...
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Lenovo thinks small post-Games - Australia
THE Olympics Games in Beijing were a defining moment for computer maker Lenovo and it hopes to make hay while the sun keeps shining. ...
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Master End-User Security
PC Magazine Middle & Near East - Dubai,United Arab Emirates
Most enterprises have a dedicated network administrator who monitors all the security threats posing problem to the company’s network and computer systems. ...
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iPhone App Avalanche 8
the iPhone Blog - Inverness,FL,USA
When you read a feed on this app, it is marked as being read everywhere so you won’t see it pop up again on your Mac or other computer. Save items for ...
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How Smart Is Your House?
By Mike Buda
If you installed a standard, large standby back-up generator with an automatic transfer switch, this will not save the data or your computer. The automatic transfer switch, which starts the generator and disconnects your house from the ...
Michigan Country Lines Online -

“Verification account” email
By Chris, at 411 Spyware
Sometimes adware is attached to the free software to “pay” developers for the cost of creating the software, and more often spyware is secretly and maliciously attached to free software to harm your computer and steal your personal and ...
The 411 on PC Security -

My Privacy V3.5
By jitesh(jitesh)
Don't forget that no antispyware will save your from information theft. You need to be aware of what and where sensitive information is stored on your computer and purge it on a regular basis thus making information theft useless. ...

Podcasting 101: What Do I Need To Start My Own Podcast?
By BOMB Matt
A Personal Computer and Recording Software. Sounds funny, but I’ve had people ask me how to get the recordings they’ve made using a digital audio recorder onto the internet… without a computer. Easy: you don’t. For audio podcasts, your ...
Bag Of Mad Bastards -

Computer Privacy On The Internet
By writer
In regards to computer privacy, avoid file sharing programs. You may be sharing more than music files. If you travel a lot with a laptop, save personal files to CDs or other forms of data storage and remove them from your computer at ...
Digital Disco Bash -


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